Marcus Lai

Marcus Lai

Marcus, the founder of vnetwork, brings over 30 years of networking industry expertise to the table. He began as a sales rep in Network System Integration (NSI) and later excelled in channel sales, focusing on distribution and networking software at Novell. Moving into product management within the distribution sector, Marcus showcased his strategic thinking and market savvy. 

His career advanced as he assumed the role of Country Manager at influential networking companies, including 3Com, H3C, and HP Networking. A key moment came in 2010 when Marcus orchestrated the successful merger of 3Com, H3C, and HP Procure, demonstrating his visionary leadership. 

In 2011, Marcus founded vnetwork with a profound purpose: to assist his clients. He embraced Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, driven by a commitment to environmental sustainability and inspiring others in the industry to do the same. 

At vnetwork, Marcus assembled a core team and team leads, each bringing 10 to 20 years of industry experience. With a strong sense of purpose, dedication to ESG, and a highly experienced management team, vnetwork is poised to make a meaningful impact for clients and the environment.

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