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What Are The Benefits Of Structured Data Cabling?

A structured data cabling installation system is the glue that binds your whole business’ infrastructure together. From your computers to your landlines, all the way to WiFi and lighting. An unorganised cabling arrangement can wreak havoc in the workplace and have a real negative impact on the productivity. Also the efficiency of your day to day runnings.

Each business will benefit differently to structured cabling installation. Bringing a method to the madness. We at Data Cable Installation London want to share with you just how your network infrastructure can reap the benefits of a highly reliable and cost-effective solution. With the help of our data cabling London installers, all components considered. Including Cat5 and Cat6 cabling.


What is structured data cabling?

In a nutshell, this is a slightly more sophisticated approach to your traditional cabling network. It harnesses the capabilities to host and carry all your company’s data throughout your entire building in one organised, controlled place.




It’s a spring clean for your infrastructure. Say goodbye to messy wires that are replaced with a structured cabling system. One specifically designed to allow ease of access and management. There is a painless transition for employees to endure, as simply instead of connecting a device manually to a specific wire. One simply needs to plug the device directly into the structured cable outlet.

Have a new device that you need to connect? Easy. It can be linked with no hassle.

The system itself carries data in all formats. Including voice and video, making it truly adaptable to any industry. Also suitable for office space, with printers, computers, telephones and more. Connections at your fingertips.

It’s true simplicity and organisation is one of the main driving factors as to why business owners opt for structured cabling solutions.


Quick and easy diagnosis

With endless cables disbursed to numerous destinations. It can become a lengthy and strenuous task to identify the root of a problem. Especially if one were to arise. The unification of a structured cabling system means quick and easy access to the home of your data transmissions. Also ensuring diagnosis and treatment to be much more efficient.


Flexibility you can afford

Is an employee switching departments? Are you rearranging and restructuring your office space? Need a few desks shuffled around? For traditional network system holders, the mere thought of such a change is an automatic trigger for a headache. However not with structured cabling solutions. Simply plug in and plod on. It gives you the ability to work from any location in your workspace with no setup required.

The last thing you need when running a business is for tasks that should be simple to become time consuming and stressful. This provides a real peace of mind knowing your structure can move and modify as your business does.


The system adapts with you

Very much a forward-thinking technology. This may be an investment worth considering for the longevity of your corporation. With the future in mind, structured cabling can carry a very high bandwidth. Consequently which means it’s much less likely to need revisiting any time soon. The rise of emerging technologies and new, high-tech applications means your network cabling needs to be able to support inevitable growth. This system does just that. A long withstanding networking arrangement means not only does your system last longer. But your budget does too.


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