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CU-360 Collaboration Unit

CU-360 Collaboration Unit



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The Avaya CU360 IX Collaboration Unit is an Android-based standalone video conferencing solution that provides full access to cloud applications. It allows you to turn a huddle room or a home office into a cloud-enabled collaboration room, capturing 1080p30 video and 4-mic audio with echo cancellation. It can also be used as an integrated video endpoint to expand your existing collaboration infrastructure. It integrates with your existing UC platform or any existing standards-based video infrastructure to access and use cloud-based applications.

The CU360 simply plugs into your display's HDMI port, and you can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet using an RJ45 port on the rear. When you turn it on, an Android app of your choice pulls up on your display, such as the Android Nova Launcher. Connected to a monitor, the CU360 functions like an Android desktop computer with video conferencing capabilities. You can also pair it with select Avaya telephone systems for a more comprehensive experience.

Depending on what kind of conference you're invited to, you can just go to apps from the main desktop interface and select the necessary conferencing app from there to download it if it isn't already installed. You can also access all your other apps from the desktop.

To start a video conference yourself, a few clicks will pull up a live view and the Avaya video conferencing app with contacts, a call function, record button, apps, settings, and more. Via the contacts option, you can dial into a conference bridge and enter a meeting ID to join a meeting. To present content, just select the app you want to use, such as PowerPoint, from that same camera interface. The app opens up in a split screen, and you can then choose to share the content. You can share local content or from the cloud via additional apps such as OneDrive, so you don't even need a laptop to work in the cloud.

The camera features a 4K sensor that captures and streams 1080p video and allows you to share content at the same time. You can also program up to 122 web-managed presets and up to 10 GUI-managed presets. The CU360 IX Collaboration Unit supports both Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and H.323 for integration with your existing UC platform, and it allows for redundant configuration.


Smart Collaboration
Share content and applications wirelessly, using your Android mobile device. H.239 and BFCP offers content interoperability with nearly any video room system. Avaya Spaces and Avaya Workplace deliver a collaboration experience with fast screen response and lower bandwidth requirements.
Next Generation Cloud Capabilities
The CU360 IX Collaboration Unit can access and run cloud-based Android applications and gives you a choice of cloud-based collaboration tools. It is also fully integrated with Avaya Spaces, the cloud-based team collaboration and meeting tool that allows users to chat, have audio and video conferencing, share files, and manage tasks in an application that you can access from anywhere.
Easy to Use and Set Up
The CU360 sets up with only two or three cables, depending on whether you are using Ethernet or Wi-Fi. This all-in-one device rests on top of any display, and the integrated video codec, microphones, and Bluetooth connectivity mean there are no cables on the table. The included remote control provides a full keyboard to further simplify setup and use.
Live Video Encoding Formats
  • 1920 x 1080p at 30/25 fps
  • 1280 x 720p at 30/25 fps
  • 1024 x 576p at 30/25 fps
  • 848 x 480p at 30/25 fps
  • 768 x 448p at 30/25 fps
  • 704 x 576p at 30/25 fps
  • 704 x 480p at 30/25 fps
  • 624 x 352p at 30/25 fps
  • 576 x 336p at 30/25 fps
  • 512 x 288p at 30/25 fps
  • 416 x 240p at 30/25 fps
  • 400 x 224p at 30/25 fps
  • 352 x 288p at 30/25 fps
  • 352 x 240p at 30/25 fps
Video Output
  • Up to UHD 4K30 via HDMI
  • IP: H.323, SIP (RFC 3261)
  • Bit rate: H.323, SIP: up to 4 Mb/s
  • MCU compatibility: H.243, H.231
  • XMPP Presence support
Video Protocols
  • H.264, H.264 High Profile
  • Dual: H.239 (H.323); BFCP (SIP)
  • SVC (Scalable Video Coding)
  • H.263+ is supported with resolutions up to 4CIF at 15 fps
  • RFC2429 (only)
  • Custom formats and annexes are not supported
Audio Features
  • 4-microphone array
  • Acoustic echo cancellation
  • Audio error concealment
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Automatic noise suppression
Audio Protocols
  • G.711
  • G.719
  • G.728 and G.729 A/B
  • G.722, G.722.1, G.722.1 Annex C
  • Opus
Content Sharing / Web Collaboration
  • Wireless presentation up to 1080p15
  • Present content using Android apps and USB key
  • Share content up to 1080p15 via HDMI using an optional AV grabber connected to the USB port (available separately)
  • Supported laptop resolutions: 1920 x 1080p30/50/60, 1680 x 1050p60, 1280 x 1024p60, 1280 x 720p50/60, 1024 x 768p60, 800 x 600p60 (CU360 firmware v10.1 SP1 or higher is required)
Split & Share Content Sharing / Web Collaboration Protocols
  • Dual video: H.239 (H.323); BFCP (SIP)
  • Avaya Workplace native Web collaboration
Network Features
  • IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneous support
  • Auto Gatekeeper discovery QoS support: IP Precedence, IP Type of Service (ToS), Differentiated Services (diffserv)
  • Avaya NetSense bandwidth adaptation for high quality over unmanaged networks
IP Adaptive Packet Management
  • Flow control
  • Packet-loss-based down-speeding
  • Packet-loss recovery policies
Network Protocols
  • DHCP, DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, RTP/RTCP, SNTP, STUN, TCP/IP, TELNET, TFTP, 802.1q, 802.1p, and 802.1x
Network Interfaces
  • 10/100/1000Base-T full-duplex (RJ45) Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n, 802.11ac, hotspot)
User Interface
  • 25 language on-screen user interface
  • Infrared remote control
  • API for endpoint control
  • Avaya Control application for Apple iPad and iPhone
  • Microsoft Exchange calendar integration
  • Android apps can be downloaded on the device and used alongside the Avaya Collaboration Unit video communication application
  • Touchscreen monitor control supported
  • Speaker Tracking support for huddle rooms
  • Google Services Framework support via OpenGapps
  • Automatic Configuration using credentials on Avaya Workplace
  • External keyboard/mouse supported via USB interface or Bluetooth
  • Transmit the site name in overlay
Firewall Traversal
  • Auto NAT discovery HTTP and STUN H.460.18, H.460.19
  • "Keep Alive" packet time configurable
Security Features
  • Embedded encryption
  • H.323 security per H.235v3 / Annex D
  • SIP security per SRTP and TLS 1.2, enciphering up to AES-256
  • SIP "Digest" authentication (MD5)
  • RTP media enciphering with AES-256
  • Public-Key including Diffie-Hellman (2048) and RSA (up to 4096)
  • Cryptographic hash (up to SHA-512)
  • Web access via HTTPS
  • Selective enable / disable of IP features
  • White list support
  • Avaya Enhanced Access Security
  • Gateway (EASG) support
Meeting Recording
  • Recording on USB key / disk
  • Feature supported in call and out of a call
  • Supported disks with file system FAT32, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4
  • Recorded file resolution 720p25 (scaled to 720p25 when necessary)
  • Control API commands available to transfer the recorded file to a remote FTP server
  • Recording not supported when sharing data from the device using Screen Link
  • Digital signature for recorded files
Directory Service & Address Book
  • LDAP Client (H.350)
  • Receive global address book from LDAP Server including Avaya Workplace
Web Management
  • Configuration, call, diagnostics, and management functions are accessible with Internet Explorer 8.0+, Firefox 3.6+, Safari 5.0+, Chrome 11.0+, Opera 11+
  • Automatic firmware upgrade from the cloud
Power Supply
  • 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 2.5A maximum
  • Optional: PoE+ IEEE 802.3at
  • Isolated PoE splitter with output DC voltage +5, 25V/3A (15/75W)
  • Calendar integration for third-party cloud platforms such as Zoom, BlueJeans, Webex, and Pexip
  • Interoperability with Open SIP platforms such as Broadsoft 22.0, Asterisk 16.5, 3CX 16.0, FreeSWITCH 1.8, Cisco, Polycom, Huawei, Lifesize, Yealink video systems, Cisco Webex (via SIP gateway), BlueJeans, Zoom, Hangouts, Pexip, and Starleaf
Software Platform
  • Avaya Aura 7.0
  • Avaya IP Office 11.0
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