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  • Online Double-conversion Topology

    The UPS adopts online double-conversion topology to provide the best power quality regardless of the conditions of incoming power. This topology also features a zero transfer time, ensuring optimal system operation.

  • Online ECO Mode

    When the quality of utility power is good, the UPS switches to ECO mode to increase system efficiency. When the quality is unstable, the UPS switches to line mode to guarantee the best power quality.

  • Variable Speed Fans

    The UPS is designed with variable 20-speed fan that provides automatic thermal management based on power load to reduce noise and offer greater comfort for users.

  • Extended Battery Module Auto-detection

    The UPS comes with extended battery module auto-detection, which allows users to know the quantity of connected extended battery modules (EBM) in order to easily estimate UPS's runtime.

  • Color LCD Panel

    The color LCD panel is designed with intuitive and graphical user-interface, allowing users to monitor power system and configure settings with ease.

  • Relay-type Dry Contact

    With relay-type dry contact port, users can know UPS status from connected light bulb or alarm in order to monitor and manage UPS conveniently.

  • Remote Management Capability

    Remote management capability enables monitoring and controlling of devices through Remote Management Card. Users can also perform management tasks, such as scheduled shutdowns and reboots.

  • PowerPanel Business Software

    The PowerPanel Management Software can perform power management and system graceful shutdown. This software has achieved VMware Ready™ status, and is compatible with VMware ESXi. It also supports Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V.

  • PowerPanel Cloud Solution

    The solution offers a convenient cloud-based management which allows users to access and monitor the UPS systems through a secure web portal or mobile app anytime, anywhere.

  • Surge-protected Outlets

    The UPS outlets absorb surges and spikes caused by thunder and lightning, hence providing complete protection for equipment and devices.

  • Critical/Non-critical Load Outlets

    Users can configure critical/non-critical load (CL/NCL) settings through the software. When battery power is insufficient during a power outage, the NCL outlets can be cut off to preserve power to extend the runtime for critical devices.

  • Data Line Protection

    The UPS provides data line protection to protect connected devices from surges and spikes caused by lightning, avoiding potential system damage.

  • Generator Compatible

    Power continuity can be achieved with generators during a power outage. When UPS is running on generator's power, it can stabilize unstable voltages from the generator while providing reliable power.

  • Emergency Power Off

    The EPO port is a dry contact which can connect to an external switch, allowing users to immediately shut down UPS systems to ensure safety when disaster strikes.

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