10 reasons to choose vnetwork X-as-a-Services for your business


10 reasons to choose vnetwork X-as-a-Services for your business

XaaS, which stands for "Anything as a Service," has emerged as a prominent concept in the technology landscape. This term gained popularity with the integration and convergence of various technologies and innovations, leading to the development of productized solutions.

XaaS leverages the power of cloud computing, enabling the delivery of diverse services to customers without relying on on-site local software. It offers businesses the flexibility to operate using servers located in remote data centers or even on-site, revolutionizing their operational capabilities.

The XaaS industry is undergoing significant evolution and is expected to become an increasingly crucial focus in the coming years. Its impact on transforming the way businesses operate cannot be overstated.

More and more enterprises are adopting XaaS to drive and expand their operations. 

Let's explore the 10 reasons to choose vnetwork X-as-a-Services for your business:

  1. Zero-Capex and Cash Optimization: Putting you cash direct positive impact to your business to achieve greater ROI.
  1. Technology Obsolescence / Product End of Sales/Life cycle: vnetwork X-as-a-Services is unlimited life cycle with tech refresh every 3 years or 5 years. Maintaining technology competency in your business operation. 
  1. Improve Cash Flow: No Upfront Capex, you can manage your cash flow more efficient in your business. Improve profitability through cash cycle.
  1. More than just OPEX: X-as-a-Services design and built your infrastructure cover all required Infrastructure and communication hardware, software, applications, Internet bandwidth, Cloud and on-prem with monitoring, control, reporting, troubleshooting, maintaining and tech support 24/7. 
  1. Cost Saving and Flexi-payment: X-as-a-Services is a subscription based model that can declared in expenses by month, quarter to year instead of fixed assets declared as capital allowance over multiple years.
  1. Free-up Human Resource Capital: Free up your workforce resources that’s require to keep up in fast pace technology changes, skills, knowledge and know-how to manage the IT and Communications Infrastructure, Hardware, Software and Application that’s integrate to AI, Cloud, Machine Learning and Analytic.
  1. Increase Agility: X-as-a-Services allow on-demand services that provide highly flexibility. Focus more on the business goals rather than on technical issues. 
  1. Scalability and Flexibility: vnetwork XaaS solution can be tailored design according to business required needs and is able to adapt new changes, from expenses budget to technology adoption to helps your business growth needs.
  1. Breaking the Myths of Technologies Investment protection: The Power of AI is unpredictable till global standard regulated and liberalization of big data. X-as-a-Services provide as and when needed technology to remain competent in your business.
  1. Unlock Proprietary and Compatibility: The uncertain high-tech war (Advance chips, firmware, software) within USA and China may lead to different standard compliance that impact compatibility and interoperability of hardware, software and application. vnetwork X-as-a-Services can mitigate such risk as it is more than managed  service instead of product.
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