Welcome to vnetwork, where we break the chains that hold your business back. Say goodbye to financial constraints, technology obsolescence, and resource limitations. Our tailored-fit design and built IT Infrastructures, Networks and Security, Communications and Video Surveillance solution, promoting transformation to subscription based model : X-as-a-Services™ (XaaS). This approach allows businesses to focus on their core competencies while leveraging the expertise and resources from us.

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Explore Solution that unlock your Capex, Technology Obsolescence, Worker Shortage and more

vnetwork’s XaaS services are designed to increase value for customers by making it easier and more affordable to access the offerings they need. Enhance customer value by shifting from high capital expenditure (Capex) to a more predictable operational expense (Opex) while enjoying flexibility, scalability, and reliability to stay competitive in the market.

We work with leading technology vendors

We work with leading technology from Eastern and Western Brand to leverage best cost effective, technologies strengths, cybersecurity threats and power balancing.

Not just Authorised Distributor, vnetwork value added Solution Design from Layer 1 Physical Structured Cabling to Layer 7 Application, Project Management, Support Services, Skills & Knowledge transfer and Managed Services named: X-as-a-Services™.

Unlocking the Future: Exploring XaaS (Everything as a Service)

Dive into the transformative world of XaaS (Everything as a Service) in this enlightening blog. Discover how XaaS models are reshaping industries, offering scalability, cost-efficiency, and innovation like never before.

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