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Open platform video management software

Milestone XProtect enables organizations of any size to build data-driven and future-proof video technology solutions.

Milestone video management software (VMS) products

Explore XProtect Add-On Extensions

XProtect extensions are carefully designed software products installed on top of your XProtect VMS. Whether you operate within retail, transportation, or city surveillance, our extensions products are designed to address your industry's exact needs.

XProtect extensions are compatible with the Milestone Husky™ series. They are based on the XProtect VMS and access-control products that are installed.

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Takes care of security for you

Looking for a simpler security solution that doesn’t take up your time? Milestone Kite is the answer. It’s cloud-based, so is easy to run, accessible from anywhere, and you don’t have to worry about maintenance. It’s also an open solution, giving you the freedom to choose from more than 6,000 camera models and a variety of value-adding analytics. Your day is busy enough, so Milestone Kite has security covered while you focus on the rest.

  • Simple

    Focus on your business, not security. Milestone Kite is easy to set up, manage and update; and can be monitored from anywhere.

  • Secure

    Enjoy peace of mind. Protect people and assets with a reliable video solution that safeguards against theft, vandalism and more.

  • Scalable

    Expand your solution easily and cost-effectively. Choose from 6,000+ devices, and add extra analytic and access control functions.

Milestone Husky IVO™

The optimal video surveIllance appliances for Milestone XProtect

Why is the new Husky IVO the best choice for your business? The support, the easy installation, and the products themselves work together to ensure you get the most out of your video management software (VMS).

The Milestone Husky IVO™ series has six products covering installations from corner stores to stadiums.

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Milestone Care™

A complete software maintenance and support program

Milestone Care delivers on our commitment to your business that you can take full advantage of your product and get the most out of your investment.

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