Connect remote users and collaborate with ease.

From remote workers to multinational corporations with employees around the globe, today’s distributed teams have reshaped the way we connect. Businesses rely heavily on virtual interactions to support employee and client needs. Whether connecting for brainstorming sessions or formal presentations, you need easy-to-use tools to effectively collaborate and communicate.

Our extensive experience of defining Audio Visual strategy and developing solution roadmaps helps enterprises achieve reliable communication and collaboration.

We work across the full audio visual spectrum, combining spatial, technical and operational audio visual design, and work closely with acoustics and lighting designers, to integrate technology into spaces.

Integration with traditional IT networks and services is opening new opportunities for innovation, flexibility and scalability in the Audio Visual industry. Audio and video over IP provide unlimited opportunity for communication and collaboration. Control and monitoring over IP opens the door to effective and efficient remote support capability.

Our dedicated, integrated network specialists are on hand to work with your IT teams, from the initial planning phase through to successful deployment and testing.

Our consultative, end-to-end approach ensures we fully understand your existing network and associated services. This enables us to provide the best possible advice and guidance in preparing your network for new technology. Throughout, we adhere strictly to best practices across security, data routing and service integration.

Ensuring complete satisfaction with your adoption of ‘AV over IP’ technology, our specialists remain engaged throughout deployment and testing.

  • Video Conferencing

    Integrate video and voice to bridge the gap between in-person and remote meetings, taking full advantage of high-quality video resolution and audio quality, with a stable and efficient connection.

  • Collaboration

    Enjoy and foster higher productivity as your team makes full use of the workplace technology tools to work together and complete projects faster through real-time handling of documents and content from anywhere, anytime.

  • Digital Signage

    Bright and beautiful signs that help your business stand out in the hospitality environment through the display of custom message in any audio visual format you wish.

  • Video Walls

    Display and promote products and services on a wall of visually stunning and fully customisable screens, showing high-resolution content of your choosing and making a long-lasting impression in the audience.

  • Design & Project Management

    We access all your structured communications to provide the design and all the resources you need to implement a new customised solution that meet your requirements at a scalable budget for future growth.

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