Extreme Fabric offers a Unified Fabric that securely ties all the components of your network together

The modern enterprise demands network agility, scalability, and security—but without the complexity. Extreme Fabric provides a Unified, Automated, and Secure solution that extends across multiple locations and device types, as well as streamlining deployments while isolating threats.

Watch how Fabric Connect deliver a more unified, automation and secure enterprise network.

Extreme Networks’ highly reliable and easily managed solutions make your network a strategic asset.

Zero-Trust Network Security 

Micro-segmentation, strict access policy and application fingerprinting enforce user and device connectivity to authorized services for secure operations with zero tolerance for threats.

Learn What is Zero-Trust?

Standards Based Fabric Architecture 

Open, software-driven, and programmable solutions that maximize efficiency, and create automated and reliable networks optimized for responsiveness and mission assurance.

Fabric Connect / Fabric Attach Enable Switches

ExtremeCloud™ IQ for Unified, Automated, and Secure Network Management

Designed to streamline every aspect of your network from deployment to maintenance, ExtremeCloud™ IQ has been built with the human element in mind, helping IT and business focus on what’s really important to them instead of dealing with menial and time consuming operational tasks.


ExtremeCloud™ IQ

Wi-Fi 6E The NOW of networking

Wi-Fi 6E is one variant of the 802.11ax standard. It uses 2.4 gigahertz, 5 GHz and, for the first time ever in the Wi-Fi realm, 6 GHz spectrum. As the latest generation of Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 6E introduces several new features that result in faster speeds, lower latency, and higher-capacity individual cells and overall wireless local area network (WLAN) systems. And, as with earlier 802.11 variants, Wi-Fi 6E requires proper design and configuration to fully realize its benefits.
  • OSF HealthCare Drives Smart Hospital Innovation with a Modern Network

    OSF HealthCare is an integrated health system located in Illinois and Michigan. Dedicated to innovation and digital transformation to improve the lives of their patients, the organization consists of 13 acute care facilities and two colleges of nursing, as well as a robust physician organization.

  • Automated Network Solutions from Extreme Networks Keep Brussels’ Metro on Track

    Operated by the Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company (or STIB), Brussels’ metro is a rapid transit system serving a large part of the Brussels-Capital region of Belgium. STIB runs over 850,000 metro, tram, and bus journeys every day for commuters, visitors and the 1.14 million residents of the Belgian capital.

  • Mobile Learning Garners High Marks at City, University of London

    With a large number of users – all mobile and all with their own devices – and a complex mix of demanding services and applications that run 24/7, managing a university network is no small task. However, since implementing Extreme Networks’ Automated Campus solution with Extreme Fabric technology, City, University of London, has eliminated downtime in the core, enjoyed unprecedented flexibility for network deployments, and seen user satisfaction soar.

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