Open platform video management software

Milestone XProtect enables organizations of any size to build data-driven and future-proof video technology solutions.

  • Milestone Kite

    Discover why Milestone Kite is the simple, secure and scalable cloud security option.

  • XProtect Express+

    The perfect match for smaller, single site businesses that require full alarm management.

  • XProtect Professional+

    Designed for mid-size installations that require central management of all servers, cameras and users.

  • XProtect Expert

    Ideal for mid-size to large installations that require uninterrupted video recording.

  • XProtect Corporate

    Designed for large-scale and high-security installations that require 24/7 operations.

Milestone Husky IVO™

The optimal video surveIllance appliances for Milestone XProtect

Why is the new Husky IVO the best choice for your business? The support, the easy installation, and the products themselves work together to ensure you get the most out of your video management software (VMS).

The Milestone Husky IVO™ series has six products covering installations from corner stores to stadiums.

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