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XProtect® Professional+ Device Lic

XProtect® Professional+ Device Lic


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XProtect Professional+ is IP video management software (VMS) designed for mid-sized businesses, supporting an unrestricted number of cameras, devices and servers. Including multi-layered maps and full alarm management capabilities operators have a complete overview of the entire installation making it the ideal choice for institutions such as schools, retail chains, and production plants.


24/7 peace of mind

XProtect Professional+ is built to give you the most reliable recording engine in the industry while boosting the overall performance of your hardware. Designed by video surveillance experts to provide the market’s highest performance you can always count on.

 Here is why XProtect Professional+ is the reliable choice:

  • Supporting hardware accelerated video motion detection giving you the best system performance in the industry while lowering the overall system costs.
  • With Edge Storage support you can design a flexible and reliable solution optimized for bandwidth availability while offering recording redundancy during system failures or maintenance downtime.
  • Support for push notifications gives you peace of mind.


Our software. Your solution.

Instead of being tied to one company’s product offerings, the open platform architecture of XProtect Professional+ gives you the ability to take advantage of an entire industry’s innovation, significantly increasing the value of your surveillance system.

Here is why XProtect Professional+ is the customizable choice:

  • XProtect's open architecture and Milestone's integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK), allows for powerful integrations and unlimited functionality.
  • Add additional value by linking video with metadata like GPS coordinates, heat maps, motion data, and facial recognition.
  • With Marketplace, you get easy access to Milestone- verified applications, hardware and services that are proven to be compatible with XProtect.
  • Reduce the cost of video storage by using the latest H.265 video compression technology.


Software built for today and tomorrow

With XProtect Professional+ you can scale the system to any size, from small 10-camera systems to systems consisting of hundreds of cameras spread across multiple sites.

Here is why XProtect Professional+ is the scalable choice:

  • With support for an unrestricted number of users, cameras and servers you can spread the installation across multiple servers and sites.
  • Scale your system, yet effectively manage everything from one central location with centralized management.
  • A simple license exchange will upgrade your current system to one of the more advanced XProtect solutions unlocking more opportunities for you and your business.


Advanced system, simple use

When you need a to stay on top of the entire installation so you can respond to incidents quickly XProtect Professional+ provides it all.

Here is why XProtect Professional+ is the user-friendly choice:

  • See the whole picture and immediately take action with multi-layered maps, displaying live video feeds and exact camera locations.
  • Work smarter with the built-in Alarm Manager, that provides a consolidated overview of security and system alarms for immediate visual verification.
  • Bookmark video sequences of special interest while watching live or playback video and make video investigation more efficient.
  • Save time and work efficiently with Centralized Search that help you quickly find what you are looking for in one single place.
  • A built-in rule engine makes it possible to automate a wide range of security functions, increasing operational efficiency by eliminating the need for manual intervention.
  • Actively monitor entry points and communicate with people at gates with two-way audio support.


Security you can count on

When you want to reduce the security risk of your system and protect it against internal and external security threats in the most optimal way, rest assure that XProtect Professional+ gives you the protection you need.

Here is why XProtect Professional+ is the secure choice:

  • If multiple users need to access the system you can effectively control each user’s access permission on the viewing client level.
  • Offer an additional level of security by only granting a user access to the viewing interface when a second user has confirmed the login with dual authentication.
  • To ensure the evidence don’t end up in the wrong hands, you can pass-word protect the video files to ensure only authorized users can view it.
  • Supports HTTPS communication between the recording servers and the connected cameras and other security devices.
  • Certificate-based encryption to secure the communication of data (video, audio, metadata) originated in the recording server and retrieved by connected components.
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