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In the ever-evolving landscape of the hospitality industry, hotel automation has emerged as a key player in helping hotels stay competitive and efficient. From streamlining operations to enhancing the guest experience, automation has proven to be a valuable asset for hotels of all sizes.

Lutron’s solutions bring a multitude of benefits to the hotel environment. Guests feel more welcome. Staff are more productive. And all with the bonus of saving energy, saving costs, and saving our world from unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Ambience

    • Give guests complete and intuitive control of their light
    • Present lobbies and public spaces in the perfect light, day and night
    • Provide guests and meeting planners with the technology they need
  • Efficiency

    • Reduce electricity costs in guestrooms, public and back-of-house spaces
    • Dim lighting to increase bulb life, save money and reduce waste
    • Reduce maintenance time and cost with best-in-class equipment
  • Sustainability

    • Use lighting control as part of your energy saving strategy
    • Reduce the carbon footprint of your facility
    • Invite guests to go green, too, by controlling light in their rooms
  • Flexibility

    • Choose wired or wireless solutions for new or historic buildings
    • Choose from a range of simple and elegant keypads and finishes
    • Integrate electric light and shades, seamlessly
    • Integrate with third party solutions (HVAC, DND, EMS, PMS)
    • Choose customised products (on selected product range)

Solutions for lobbies and restaurants

Quantum® centralises control of all lighting and shades, so you can manage both electric lighting and daylight. This not only saves energy and simplifies operations, but also improves the comfort of guests and the productivity of hotel staff.

  • Save electricity and protect the environment, reducing greenhouse gases by eliminating unnecessary energy use.
  • Save money by lowering operating costs and peak demand charges.
  • Create a more flexible space: lighting and shading zones can be re- configured (without rewiring).
  • Make people more productive and comfortable with preferred light levels and automated shade control.

Solutions for hallways and back-of-house

The Rania® wireless RF switch and Radio Powr SavrTM sensor package is a time-saving and cost-effective retrofit light control solution.

  • Save energy in two ways: occupancy/vacancy sensors turn electric lights on when a space is occupied and off when it is vacant; and daylight sensors adjust the light so energy is not wasted when there’s sufficient daylight.
  • Save time and money on lighting installation and maintenance: the switch requires no neutral wire and is retrofitted into an existing wallbox; and the wireless sensors have a 10-year battery life and mount to the ceiling (without the need to pull new wire).
  • Rely on the superior performance of our patented Clear Connect RF and XCT technology.

Solutions for meeting and conference rooms

GRAFIK Eye® QS Wireless is a powerful, flexible, expandable preset lighting control system. Whatever the task or activity, GRAFIK Eye allows you to adjust not only the lights, but our Sivoia® QS wireless, precision-control roller blinds, which reduce sun glare and solar heat gain.

  • Reduce lighting energy use with a built- in timeclock, dimming, and occupancy and daylight sensing.
  • Connect GRAFIK Eye directly to Sivoia® QS blinds, occupancy and daylight sensors, wallstations, and DALI compliant lighting.
  • Integrate GRAFIK Eye with third party devices for control of AV, HVAC, and other building management systems.
  • Ensure meeting and conference rooms have the right ambiance for the right occasion, hoteliers can exceed participant’s expectations and encourage repeat bookings.

Solutions for guestrooms

Lutron’s room control solutions bring a multitude of benefits to the hotel environment. Guests feel more welcome.

  • Gives guests control of room lighting and curtains
  • Electronic concierge service
  • Internal booking (restaurants,spa)
  • Book a table at the hotelrestaurant, spa or an outside event
  • Activate your welcome scene
  • Remove the keycard to switch off light and save energy
  • Displays the selected status in the corridor for your housekeeping staff

Hospitality IPTV

BroadView is designed and customized to satisfy guests in-room entertainment and interactive service requirements

  • Entertainment - Choose from a variety of TV programs or cast content from your mobile device to guest room TV
  • Hotel services - Showcasing Hotel Facilities with varieties of different products, services, and amenities
  • Hotel activities - One of a kind Guest Interactive Services that promotes latest information programs and activities
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