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Radio Powr Savr wireless ceiling-mounted occupancy/vacancy sensor

Radio Powr Savr wireless ceiling-mounted occupancy/vacancy sensor


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Ceiling-mounted occupancy/vacancy sensor includes auto-on/auto-off or manual on/auto-off settings.


Radio Powr Savr wireless occupancy/vacancy sensors provide convenient light control and are engineered for optimum energy savings and easy installation. Radio Powr Savr wireless sensors save energy by directing compatible wireless controls to turn lights/ plug loads off based on room occupancy.


Go green with Radio Powr Savr. Wasted lighting can account for a majority of a building’s total energy usage. And with many building spaces remaining unoccupied between 40% and 70% of the day, lights left on are a real energy drain. Lutron wireless occupancy/vacancy sensors automate the switching and dimming of those lights, saving energy and money.

Sensor Solutions Brochure (PDF, 2.54 MB)

It’s also convenient. You won’t have to worry about turning lights on or off anymore. Lutron occupancy/vacancy sensors automatically do the job for you every time you enter or exit a restroom, classroom, conference room, hallway - even your own office.

Going wireless eliminates the need for costly new wiring. Radio Powr Savr sensors by Lutron install in as little as 15 minutes and communicate with compatible Lutron dimmers, switches and light control systems using reliable Clear Connect RF Technology, which ensures smooth, consistent performance.

Lutron wireless sensors reduce installation time by over 70%* over wired options. Watch the video to learn how.

This product uses Clear Connect technology.
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