Milestone Husky IVO™

The optimal video surveIllance appliances for Milestone XProtect

Why is the new Husky IVO the best choice for your business? The support, the easy installation, and the products themselves work together to ensure you get the most out of your video management software (VMS).


Enjoy the convenience   

Husky IVO is pre-loaded with XProtect, saving you time on setup and installation. Just add your XProtect license code and it’s ready to go. It’s also easy to manage and service, freeing up time to spend on more important aspects of your project. 

  • Pre-loaded with XProtect
  • Seamless setup with Husky Assistant
  • Easy license activation


Know we’ve got your back  

Performance isn’t just about the products. It’s also about the people and the support behind them. The new Husky IVO's functionality and reliability are backed by a global team of support representatives as well as the possibility for onsite support if needed. Then there’s a five-year warranty and a seamless support setup to give you peace of mind.


Give your solutions a performance edge

Your video solution is only as good as the video management software (VMS) you use — and the appliances it runs on. The new Husky IVO optimizes several small but important details so you can get the most out of your XProtect video management solution. Overall, it’s the reliable choice for those wanting optimal performance.

  • Fully tested for optimal performance
  • Built with Dell Technologies hardware
  • Reliable and trusted XProtect software


Get the freedom to expand   

Husky IVO will grow with you as your installation needs evolve. You can use Husky IVO with any XProtect product license. You can also integrate more than 11,000 supported third-party devices to ensure the best fit now and in the future.

  • Flexible XProtect licensing
  • Mix and match units
  • 11,000 supported devices

Equips you to achieve more

The Milestone Husky IVO™ series has six products covering installations from corner stores to stadiums.