Whether your organisation is currently using traditional PBX system or IP-PBX, we have solution to improve your privacy for secure communication at Zero-Capex.

There are so many ways to communicate in a business. Whether it’s online or over the phone, everyone needs a way to get in touch. With all of these different methods of communication, it’s very important to have a centralized system that assures you can always get in touch with the people you need.

UCaaS provides you a centralized platform - in addition to telephone and video conferencing, you’ll have access to real-time messaging and various applications that can allow employees to check in and give information about what they’re working on.

UCaaS also gives employees more ways to collaborate and give managers access to their employees’ workflows. Everyone can strategize to make operations more efficient.


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How UCaaS Works & Its Benefits

UCaaS takes all of its services to the internet. This is especially helpful for companies that want to save money on hardware costs because they won’t need landline phone systems. Since UCaaS functions online, employees can easily route calls throughout the system. It uses voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) to process calls.

UCaaS is also great for the whole company because it allows for flexibility for all employees. Being able to work from anywhere with access to all communications is great for remote and hybrid working options. Companies, where people have to travel a lot, would benefit from UCaaS.

UCaaS providers also take security very seriously. This is ideal for both internal communication and protecting customer information. Additionally, the many communication options give customers a better experience.

Finally, a UCaaS system is easily scalable. The cloud system makes it easy to scale up with very little fuss. Instead of buying new hardware, all you need is more online storage.

Some of the most common features of any UCaaS technology stack include:

Cloud Phone Systems

You may have heard of UCaaS as a cloud phone system — but UCaaS means so much more. It’s not just a traditional PBX — it’s an integrated package that includes all the voice features you’ve come to rely on, packaged with network access and very attractive long distance or 1-800 services. That means one bill for all your needs. Plus, you get the benefits of a radically simplified administrative interface, no-touch software and security updates, regular new features, and the ability to scale across the country or around the globe if and when you need to — all without the need to buy extra capacity. You can grow exactly as you need to. And if you want to add communications to the other applications you use every day, it’s a snap. With Avaya IP Office, for example, you can add unified communications to over 180 third-party business applications like Office 365, Salesforce, or Google.

Avaya IP Office is a cloud phone system that works where and how you do.

Meeting and Video Conferencing

With a UCaaS solution, meetings and video conferencing happen quickly and efficiently. And instead of having inconclusive outcomes, you can assign and track tasks, share documents, and keep the team rolling forward outside the meeting with ongoing messaging. No more wasting time! Meetings become problem-solving sessions.

Avaya Spaces, for example, supports meetings from anywhere in the world. Easy-to-use conferencing and messaging let employees work across time zones and locations to maximize productivity. For large meetings, this “app for collaboration” can handle over 1,000 participants while providing top-of-the-line security features.

Avaya Spaces is video conferencing and more for a work-anywhere world.


Sometimes, all you need is to send a quick message to someone to ask a question or for feedback, to clarify a decision, or to stay up to date with what teammates are working on. Avaya builds messaging into its existing solutions for businesses that need to take the next step to stay connected. And the best part? It’s all in the cloud, so it’s easy to build on the systems and processes that already work within your company.

Mobility and Apps

Avaya Workplace delivers a holistic unified communications experience that works as well on a browser, mobile device or room-based system as it does on your the desktop. Communication capabilities follow your profile as you move from device to device. You can easily access your contact lists, click to call, start a video session or schedule and join a meeting—all from the same familiar and intuitive user interface.

SIP-based Avaya Workplace clients automatically adapt to the phone, tablet or browser you use to ensure you get an optimal user experience across platforms and device types.

Collaboration Tools

Meetings end, but teamwork must continue. Avaya Spaces connects you with all your people and tools—all in one place, as long as you need. Meet, call, chat, share files, manage tasks. All wrapped in real-time notifications.

Chat about project details in or out of the meeting. Avaya Spaces saves everything, so you don’t have to remember it all. Need to talk live? One click starts a call or one-to-one video.

Integrations and APIs

As companies continue to move away from one-size-fits-all solutions for communications, UCaaS platforms are becoming more flexible.

With Avaya Communications APIs, you simplify and speed up your business processes by easily integrating powerful AI capabilities and data-driven automation into your enterprise’s workflows—without having to rip out your existing infrastructure. Leverage text messages, calls, and chatbots to deliver in-the-moment, personalized experiences.

Management Tools

Avaya Call Management System (CMS) is an integrated analysis and reporting solution that keeps you in touch with virtually everything that’s going on in your contact center from evaluating the performance of a single agent or group of agents to managing a contact center with multiple locations worldwide. Built on the performance, reliability and flexibility of the Avaya Aura® platform, Avaya CMS delivers real-time monitoring and historical reporting for Avaya Call Center Elite and includes custom reporting, task scheduling, exception notification, threshold warning, administration and configuration, and long term ACD data storage.

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