Enterprise network performance has become business critical these days. Users expect a seamless and integrated experience from their laptops, smart phones and tablets, while regulatory requirements demand audits, logging and secure access.

The ever-increasing complexity of network functions poses a major challenge. Your network may be best-in-class, but with multiple vendors providing switches, routers, firewalls, and security appliances, trouble-shooting and performance optimization becomes tricky. The internal service desk has to talk to different vendors, who may all claim their solutions are meeting performance criteria. Additionally, your technicians must become experts across systems.

NaaS enables organizations to quickly adapt their infrastructure to support new ways of working

Network-as-a-service (NaaS) from vnetwork offers your organization considerable benefits, including a secure, high quality network. We remove network complexity from your IT organization without sacrifcing quality or functionality.

As such, you can focus on strategic digitalization in the knowledge that the network is performing according to SLAs. 

We typically help our customers in these 3 NaaS phases: 

Network Service Assessment

Designing a network to meet your business requirements

We will help you assess your operational needs and examine if and how the current network and monitoring solutions meet them.

We produce a complete report covering aspects ranging from network performance to security to regulatory requirements. The analysis is performed with your business and end-user requirements as a key driver. The goal is to make sure your network supports smoother business operations while ensuring staff are more productive.

Once the assesment is completed, we will develop a network design to meet operational needs and a detailed implementaton project plan.

Implementation of a secure and reliable network

Implementing a secure and reliable network that integrates with your business systems

Based on the design and implementation plan from our assessment, we enhance your enterprise network to meet business and stakeholders' needs via key components, such as network switches, firewalls and wireless access points.

The new service is developed, tested and configurated in parallel with the existing infrastructure, to minimize user downtime. Once fully approved, servers and network equipment are transitioned to the new network.

This can involve activities ranging from improved device configuration, better defined vendor SLAs, and implementation of security strategies. The solution is validated according to your business SLAs.

Network operations

Proactive monitoring as part of the personalized Service Desk

In an ideal world, everything IT-related works and the network is invisible. However, we know that there will always be issues: employees need assistance, network devices become overloaded, and new applications require firewall configuration. We can support you with a user-focused and personalized network ServiceDesk that resolves these and any other issues, fast.

We will also make sure that the network is constantly monitored from an end-user perspective, detecting issues at an ealry stage so users don’t get frustrated and report incidents.

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