Deliver best-in-class secure access and minimize surface threats. SonicWall Secure Mobile Access (SMA) is a unified secure access gateway that enables organizations to provide access to any application, anytime, from anywhere and any devices, including managed and unmanaged.

SMA offers granular access control, context-aware device authorization, application-level VPN and complete integration with the most advanced authentications. SMA enables organizations to move to the cloud and embrace BYOD with ease.

  • Verify Authorized Users

    • Grant access only to trusted devices and authorized users
    • Empower your workforce with mobility and BYOD
    • Deliver seamless secure access experience with always-on connection
    • Check integrity and health profile of the connecting device
  • Prevent Threats and Minimize Attack Surface

    • Improve your security posture and reduce the surface area for threats
    • Enforce granular access control policies
    • Get high-performance layer-3 SSL VPN
    • Deliver browser-based clientless secure access
    • Provide flexible proxy options with authentication and SSL offloading
  • Simplified Deployment for Secure Hybrid IT Access

    • Choose between hardened physical appliances or virtual appliances
    • Deploy in private cloud or public cloud environments
    • Provide secure access to data center, cloud and SaaS resources from a single portal
    • Reduce complexity in access management for hybrid IT environments

SonicWall SMA provides multiple layers of security to protect the entire enterprise - so your employees can work any time, from anywhere, and with any device, without compromising security.

Move to the cloud, and embrace mobility and BYOD, with SonicWall SMA. Consolidate access control for hybrid IT, federate identities for single sign-on and deliver anytime, anywhere, any-device access to network, web or cloud applications.

VPN Clients

Unleash the benefits of a remote workforce without sacrificing the security of your corporate network. Whether you have basic or advanced VPN needs, choose the correct client for your SMA deployment. Visit our VPN client page to learn more.

  • SMA 100 Series: SonicWall’s NetExtender and Mobile Connect VPN clients work best for the SMBs using the SMA 100 series.
  • SMA 1000 Series: SonicWall’s Connect Tunnel and Mobile Connect work best for the distributed enterprises using the SMA 1000 series.
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Central Management Server (CMS)

Fully optimize your remote access management with CMS reporting and deployments. SonicWall Central Management Server enables organizations, distributed enterprises and service providers to centrally manage and rapidly deploy secure access solutions, either deployed on a private cloud as a virtual appliance or on a public cloud (AWS or Microsoft Azure) using bring your own license (BYOL).

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