Add exceptional services that lead to deeper loyalty

With Avaya Call Center Elite, you run a full-featured call center that handles inbound and outbound contacts, all manageable with real-time and historical reporting insights. And now you can enhance employee and customer experiences, driving higher satisfaction and loyalty, by adding Avaya innovations to your contact center. All without disrupting your current operations.

Make it easier to do business with you

Connect with customers across all touchpoints

Add digital channels so customers can contact you any way they choose. Your new cloud agents can assist via email, chat, messaging, social media, and more.

Overflow your voice channel to cloud agents

Route voice calls to your cloud agents, who have the advantage of contextual attributes and information-enriched interactions. Start small—maybe with calls for a new product, campaign, or region—and scale as needed. It’s fast and easy to on-board additional cloud agents anytime.

Let AI separate speech from noise

Avaya AI blocks background noise in voice calls from the cloud, giving you more accurate recordings and clearer conversations between agent and customer.

Give agents an intuitive, consolidated desktop

  • Handle voice in a browser or as a separate media endpoint.
  • Serve multiple digital customer interactions simultaneously.
  • See relevant customer information from multiple sources, including CRM systems and third-party apps.
  • Watch call center performance on desktop wallboards.
  • Use widgets to easily design the best desktop layout for your agents.

Make it easier for employees to do their jobs

Enable a work-from-anywhere contact center

Keep pace with trends and run a contact center that’s fully remote or a blend of in-the-office and at-home staff. Cloud agents and teams can work from anywhere, with consistent capabilities.

Connect your knowledge workers

A voice/video app connects agents with your experts outside the contact center who can meet directly with customers as needed. This collaboration solution works on any device, in any location, and includes calling, contacts, logs, IM, and calendar integration.

Empower your entire contact center team

  • Use enterprise call recording, tagging, and archiving to increase compliance and liability protection.
  • Surface actionable intelligence for thousands of unstructured recorded calls.
  • Coach employees with automated quality management.
  • Simplify hiring, forecasting, and scheduling.
  • Optimize staffing while minimizing overtime.

Develop business process integrations for your contact center

  • Integrate business and communications apps from cloud to cloud or from on-premises to cloud.
  • Efficiently develop and integrate applications for business solutions by leveraging Web Services interfaces, SDKs, and REST APIs.
  • Access call processing, media, and administrative capabilities via enhanced telephony APIs, protocols, web services, and REST APIs.

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