What is intelligent video analytics?

The main goal of video analytics is to automatically recognise temporal and spatial events in videos. A person who moves suspiciously, traffic signs that are not obeyed, the sudden appearance of flames and smoke and more.

The video analytic tool usually perform real-time monitoring in which objects, object attributes, movement patterns, or behaviour related to the monitored environment are detected. However, it can also be used to analyze historical data to mine insights.


Video Search

Eliminate the need to manually inspect hours of video for objects or persons of interest with our intuitive and easy-to-use natural language interface. The core abilities include:

  • Object Search
  • Vehicle Search
  • People Search
  • Animal Search

The deep learning video analytics are not based on computer programming. Instead, they are trained based on Artificial Intelligence neural networks.


Face Search & Recognition

Enable the rapid search of a person in a video footage based on an input image of the person’s face. By having the search engine based on artificial intelligence and deep learning, each search query can yield results within only seconds, which helps locate a person almost immediately in real-time.​

AI Face Recognition continuously detects and recognizes faces from IP video surveillance cameras. The subject is detected regardless of motion or proximity to the camera. This Face Recognition solution relieves human operators from continuous monitoring with confidence and provides a comprehensive user interface to easily and swiftly access the collection of events registered by the system.​


Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection automates the monitoring tasks for high-risk sites to provide a high level of security and security personnel monitoring efficiency. The simple plug-and-play setup enables our AI Intrusion Detection to be deployed in real-world applications.

The built-in AI algorithms to recognize over 100 types of objects, can distinguish objects of interest, e.g., a person, from irrelevant objects in the Region of Interest (ROI), (e.g., animal, plastic bags, moving shadows at dawn/dusk). This will reduce the false-positive rate significantly.


License Plate Recognition

AI License Plate Recognition (LPR) is a real-time, high-performance software solution used to identify and analyze license plates from over 100 countries worldwide. LPR is an application module available in the Vaidio platform, which is easy to deploy, maintain, and scale from small business to enterprise-level systems. ​

The LPR floating license enables one to use the networks of IP-based surveillance cameras for multiple AI functions to monitor suspicious or anomalous behavior, improve access control, and match against watch lists, especially at choke points where vehicles enter or exit a facility.


People/Vehicle Counting

Quickly and accurately track and determine the number of people/cars in the camera’s field of view with Vaidio's People & Vehicle Tracking (PVC) solution, also called AI Counting,

AI Counting can be used in many types of public access areas, such as transportation hubs, airports, theme parks, national landmarks, entertainment venues, retail shops, tourist attractions, banking, and corporate facilities. Able to process real-time, the AI Counting solution is valuable in service management analysis and forecasting for both security and business intelligence purposes.

Next Generation AI-Enabled Video Analytics

We suggest

Video Surveillance-as-a-Service (VSaaS)

Video Surveillance-as-a-Service (VSaas) is a hosted or managed, cloud-based video surveillance solutions that provide you with video recordings, storage, remote viewing capabilities, alerts, and more.

In the case of VSaaS, the main pieces of physical equipment are the internet protocol (IP) cameras that record things and send the data to the cloud.

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