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Vaidio® In the Cloud

Vaidio® In the Cloud


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Advanced cloud-based AI-enabled video analytics.


Cloud Benefits

Vaidio in the Cloud eliminates the need to deploy physical appliances or servers locally or on-prem. You can connect just about any ONVIF-compliant IP camera to the Vaidio cloud. Vaidio in the Cloud actively manages analytics and network bandwidth to provide fast, accurate performance while minimizing network load.


Annual Subscription

Bundled fees for

  • AWS cloud servers, 
  • Vaidio core platform software, 
  • annual software maintenance and upgrades, and 
  • twelve months of per-channel fees for Vaidio AI-enabled video analytics. 
*Upfront payment with a two-year minimum commitment.

Return on Investment

Vaidio in the Cloud offers cost savings relative to appliance-based solutions at the 100-threshold. These savings only increase with scale from 100s to 1,000s of channels.

Easy to Deploy

Vaidio in the Cloud comes pre-configured with AWS EC2 instances and associated Nvidia GPUs that are tuned to your specific implementation. You can literally connect an ONVIF-compliant IP camera and be up and running within minutes. 

Native Docker Container

Simplify and standardize Vaidio deployments at scale. Whether it’s deployed on a standard on-prem appliance or in the cloud, it always runs inside a docker container with the capability to work in conjunction with our Linux kernel, enabling our analytics to perform at market-leading speed.

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