XProtect® Rapid Review

XProtect® Rapid Review


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As a security operator, you are responsible for providing answers and evidence quickly when an incident occurs. However, searching through hours of footage from multiple cameras to find a specific person or object can be time-consuming and tedious.

XProtect Rapid Review powered by BriefCam is here to help. It is a forensic analytics solution that enables rapid video review, search, and analysis, seamlessly integrated into the XProtect system. With XProtect Rapid Review, you can review hours of footage in minutes and easily locate people and objects of interest, turning that information into evidence and action efficiently.


See and understand your environment like never before

Quickly identify evidence

Whether it’s a stolen car or a getaway vehicle, with XProtect Rapid REVIEW you can quickly identify it, alert law enforcement and hand off evidence to apprehend criminals and prevent further crime.


In missing children cases, time is vital

According to police experts, the first 24 hours are critical for locating missing children. With each passing hour, the likelihood of finding a missing child decreases. XProtect Rapid Review can very quickly provide a trail of digital ‘bread crumbs’, enabling law enforcement to detect the exact time and place where the child was last seen. Vital time is saved, missing children are reunited with their families.


Changing the way video is reviewed

BriefCam's patented VIDEO SYNOPSIS solution presents objects in a time-compressed video, allowing for the review of hours of footage in minutes. It presents objects that appear at different times in the video simultaneously, with the ability to link back to the original video.

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