Single-mode or multi-mode, we can build the fiber optic infrastructure you need

Although fiber optic cabling solutions are not suited for all business environments, it can serve as a useful solution for large facilities. Fiber optic cabling is frequently used when connecting multiple IDF locations together within a large space, for providing connections that span far distances that exceed what standard Category 5e/6/6a cabling can cover, or if a higher speed connection is required.

A fiber optic cable consists of multiple glass cores. Each core is thinner than a human hair and is capable of transmitting data through light waves and achieving higher transmission speeds over a longer distance.

  • Single-mode (OS1, OS2)

    Usually used for long distance communications for telecommunication service companies and educational organizations.

  • Multi-mode (OM1, OM2, OM3)

    Used mostly for internal, short distance network communications and device telecommunications.

Fiber optic cabling is extensively used in technology and telecommunications due to its large bandwidth and superior range compared to copper. We offer diverse fibre optic cabling services from legacy IM1 through to newer OM5 and OS2 specifications. Indeed OM OM2 OM3 OM4 OS1 OS2 in either internal or external environment.

vnetwork can assess, design, consult and install fibre optic cables for a wide range of projects.

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