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BladeShelter T7 PLUS rack

BladeShelter T7 PLUS rack


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The BladeShelter brand behind the R&M product line has been developed for low energy consumption datacenters with high thermal loads.

The “Green Datacenter” concept has spread through all companies where a growing demand for energy makes cost-effectiveness increasingly necessary. Datacenter air-conditioning requires a quantity of electrical power that can easily exceed 30% of a company’s total energy consumption. Solutions are thus adopted both as regards the choice of equipment and the datacenter layout.

With its BladeShelter line, R&M is able to offer a perfect solution for conditioning all datacenter solutions that maintain cold or warm air through closed structures and energy distribution systems with environmental control of the datacenter.

  • Perforated front door with 82% perforation rate, perforated door extremely torsion-resistant thanks to integrated, vertical ribs
  • Door opening angle 180° when cabinets are lined up, 270° when used as a single cabinet
  • Single or double leaf perforated doors, swing handle with three or four locking points
  • 19″ mounting rail with HE numbering, 19″ mounting rail easily adjustable in depth
  • Flexible cable entries in the roof and floor, dust-tight sealing with a brush strip
  • Assembly of the side walls using a patented unlocking system, which means that keys are no longer necessary
  • Simple and safe cabinet baying through the use of suitable connecting elements
  • Integration into open, closed or hybrid air conditioning systems by simply swapping the front and rear doors
  • Prepared for vertical mounting of PDUs (0U area)
  • T7 cabinet optional available with 4 castors


Bladeshelter Cube – for minimum energy consumption

This is a compart mentalised system that separates the warm air flow from that from the cold one thus ensuring maximum conditioning efficiency.

These modular structure can be simply scaled up and is applied to two T7 cabinet opposing rack rows to which it is possible to adopt the BladeShelter Cooling modules. The system is endowed with all the devices needed to guarantee perfect insulation of the aisle interior and maintain the maximum separation of hot and cold air flows.

The special vertical profiles that are applied to the rack base, together with the aisle cover panels with polycarbonate elements, guarantee the achievement of the maximum energy savings. efficiency. BladeShelter Cube is available with 100cm and 120cm width.

BladeShelter Cooling – cools your equipment down

BladeShelter Cooling is a modular refrigerating unit that can be scaled up with high energy efficiency built into T7 rack structures.

BladeShelter Cooling brings together the two fundamental parameters: low consumption and high capacity, even where there are extremely high loads. The system dissipates from 4 to 42 kW of thermal load.

Bladeshelter Cooling is obtained by utilising a water chiller or a direct expansion (DX) gas system coupled with a class A condensing unit.

Cooling Configuration

Closed architecture

BladeShelter Cooling is mounted beside the server rack. Both structures are insulated from the external environment.

Air circulates in a loop; heat exchange comes about through water or gas batteries cooled by chillers or external condensers.

Open architecture

The devices in the racks are cooled by air drawn from the environment. Bladeshelter Cooling provides the cooling of the air before sending it into the environment at the pre-set temperature.

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