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Athena Light Management Hub (QP5)

Athena Light Management Hub (QP5)




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The Athena Light Management Hub (QP5) connects Lutron QS devices to your Athena lighting and shading control system.


  • Designed to control, manage, and monitor Lutron Energi Savr Node units, QS and Pico wallstations, Contract Roller QS shades and QS drapery systems.

  • The Athena system brings switching, dimming, motorized window shades, digital ballasts, digital LED drivers, and smart sensors together under one software tool.

  • QS link wiring can be T-tapped or daisy-chained.

    QP5 Hub Capabilities

  • Supports up to two Athena Edge processors with up to two links each that can be individually configured to communicate with:
    – Lutron QS devices

  • Includes 8-port Ethernet unmanaged PoE switch to easily connect processors and power a Lutron Athena Clear Connect Gateway–Type X.

  • Q-POE-PNL can be used to connect a Lutron Athena Clear Connect Gateway–Type X to the processor hub when the wiring distance exceeds
    328 ft (100 m).

  • Supports both astronomic and time-of-day events to automatically control the lights and shades/draperies in the system.

    Athena Hubs Available:

    QP5-1L-POE – 1 Link Athena hub* QP5-2L-POE – 2 Link Athena hub QP5-4L-POE – 4 Link Athena hub

    Athena Hub Accessory:

    Q-POE-PNL – Ethernet range extender, no configurable link. Does not include an

    Athena Edge processor or respective software features and functionality.

* 1L hub link capability differs from 2L and 4L hubs. See Specifications page.

** Pico wireless controls, QS keypads, IR


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