XProtect® Video Management Software

XProtect® Video Management Software


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Milestone XProtect is an open platform video management software which enables organizations of any size to build data-driven and future-proof video technology solutions.

Key reasons why organisations choose Milestone XProtect are:

  • Freedom of choice - XProtect supports a wide choice of network hardware devices—over 11,000 digital cameras, encoders and digital video recorders from 150+ manufacturers.
  • Open Platform - Milestone’s open platform gives you the ability to take advantage of an entire industry’s innovation, increasing the value of your surveillance system.
  • Highly Secure - High level encryption and security, combined with password-protected files, and granular control over individual system access, creates a secure platform.

The power of XProtect

Build the solution you need

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to video technology. Every operation is different, with needs constantly evolving. That’s why XProtect’s flexible open platform architecture makes it such a future-proof investment. You can adapt and scale your video solutions as well as update them with the latest analytics and AI technologies.

  • 13,000+ supported cameras and other devices
  • Extensions include Smart Wall and Smart Map
  • 1,000+ compatible third-party integrations


Get full situational awareness

Thanks to a single interface, multi-layer maps and advanced search, the task of protecting people and property and improving operations is made simple and centralized. XProtect helps staff to ensure everything is monitored, and that proactive or reactive measures can be quickly set in motion.

Whether you focus on security, operational efficiency, or customer experiences — XProtect keeps you informed in real time of events that may need your attention. It’s conveniently accessible from desktop computer and mobile device clients.

  • Program the Alarm Manager with specific alarm triggers
  • Get desktop and Smart Map alarm notifications
  • Instantly access any connected camera or sensor


Analyze and manage evidence

When an incident takes place, XProtect lets you condense and filter hours of footage to quickly resolve it. The tracking and monitoring functions not only assist investigations, but they also allow you to keep a virtual eye on objects and people.

  • The Incident Manager streamlines incident reporting
  • Evidence Lock ensures video can’t be prematurely deleted
  • The Export Function ensures compliant third-party sharing


Reduce complexity and relieve workloads

Video technology can help take the pressure off staff and budgets. XProtect’s single interface, multi-layer maps and advanced search simplify and centralize operations. Third-party integrations such as access control and people counting analytics further optimize resources.

  • The intuitive interface can be adjusted to individual or team needs
  • Centralized Search accelerates finding and sharing footage
  • Proactive analytics enable preventative measures


Ensure cybersecurity

No organization wants to deal with the disruption, costs, and distress of cybersecurity breaches. That’s why XProtect is designed and independently tested to meet the highest security standards. And it supported by a security response team.

  • Manage user access with tiered admin and user rights
  • Features high-level encryption and password protection
  • Receive patches, hotfixes and security alerts

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