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ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot

ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot


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Subscription Option

ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot SaaS Subscription

A core component of Extreme’s 1 Cloud, 1 Network strategy that supports access points, switches, and SD-WAN. ExtremeCloud IQ provides unified management driven by Machine Learning (ML). It features intuitive configuration workflows, realtime and historical monitoring, comprehensive troubleshooting, and integrated network applications.

Unified Management

  • Native cloud management for access points, switches, and SD-WAN
  • Real-time and historical view of client and device health with built-in remediation tools
  • Visibility and control of application usage for professional and recreational applications and network service

Insights and Recommendations

  • Machine Learning (ML) derived insights drive a comprehensive visual dashboard of location, devices, and users
  • Explainable ML algorithms are built with transparency to help you see, verify, and trust the recommendations

    Mobile Companion

    • Securely supports device management from IoS and Android based devices
    • QR and bar code onboarding
    • Installation photography, validation, and reporting
    • Troubleshooting tools, device monitoring, and alerts

    Integrated Essentials Applications

    • ExtremeGuest™
    • Extreme AirDefense®
    • ExtremeLocation™

    Auto-Provisioning and Enhanced Reporting

    • With near zero-touch deployment, automatically apply configuration policies
    • Compliance reports for more informed network decision making


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