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4000 Series

4000 Series



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The 4000 Series are ExtremeCloud IQ managed* Layer 2 switches that simplify network operations while delivering all the power and flexibility of a traditional enterprise access switch. As a fully cloud-managed solution, the 4000 Series is ideal for enterprises looking for easy-to-manage, cost-effective Ethernet connectivity for their campus, branch or distributed sites.

4000 Series cloud management combines instant actions along with centralized visibility that simplify switch deployment, provisioning, and troubleshooting. Machine learning tools help quickly isolate issues, continuous cloud-delivery ensures latest management feature updates, and zero-touch provisioning allows rapid deployment across sites.

With 90W PoE, multi-gigabit access, stacking and policy services, the 4000 Series is a switch platform capable of addressing the evolving connectivity requirements of today’s and tomorrow’s wired networks.

The 4000 Series consists of 4120 and 4220 model families:

The 4120 family includes a 24-port and a 48-port model, with multi-gigabit (1/2.5Gb) and 90W PoE support across all access ports, and high-speed 4 x 10/25Gb uplink plus 2 x 100Gb uplink/stack ports, making it ideal as a wired concentrator for high-density Wi-Fi/IoT environments.

The 4220 family includes 8, 12, 24, and 48-port models with gigabit and multi-gigabit (1/2.5/5Gb) access ports, up to 90W PoE, and 4 x SFP+ uplink/stack ports and is a highly flexible enterprise Layer 2 wired access solution.

* The 4000 Series is solely managed by ExtremeCloud IQ and/or ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine and each switch requires an ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot SaaS Subscription.

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