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AirMedia® Series 3 Connect Adaptor, International

AirMedia® Series 3 Connect Adaptor, International


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The AirMedia® Connect Adaptor (AM-TX3-100-I) enables wireless presentation and conferencing1 when paired with a Wi-Fi® network capable AirMedia Series 3 Receiver. Deploy the AM-TX3-100-I alongside an AirMedia Series 3 Receiver in conference rooms, huddle rooms, lounges, lobbies, or almost any space to establish a productive meeting environment.

A System Solution
The AM-TX3-100-I works alongside a Wi-Fi network capable AirMedia Series 3 Receiver for a complete system solution. Built-in Wi-Fi network connectivity creates a point-to-point network between the adaptor and the receiver for seamless connectivity without interruption. Easily pair up to eight adaptors to a single receiver. Store up to four AM-TX3-100-I Connect Adaptors in the AM-TX3-100-CRADLE (sold separately).

Simple Connectivity
Using the integrated USB-C® cable, connect the AM-TX3-100-I to a personal device for seamless wireless presentation on an in-room display. Because USB-C offers native video communication, no software installation is required on the personal device.

Rapid, High‑Resolution Presentation
After connecting the AM-TX3-100-I to a personal device, share content with up to 4K30 resolution in seconds. Use the LED backlit, capacitive touch buttons to start, stop, or pause the presentation at any time.

Seamless Wireless Conferencing1
When the AM-TX3-100 is connected to a personal device via USB-C, that device can access peripherals2 connected to a paired Wireless Conferencing-capable AirMedia Receiver (AM‑3100‑WF-I or AM‑3200‑WF-I). These peripherals can then be used on the personal device with Microsoft Teams® or Zoom™ software.

Enterprise-Grade Security
The AirMedia platform is an enterprise-grade solution that can be deployed across hundreds of spaces, and set up easily using just a web browser, Crestron Fusion® software, or the XiO Cloud® service. It employs standard network security protocols, including 802.1x network access control, Active Directory® authentication, and AES content encryption to protect privacy and ensure compliance with your organization’s IT policies.

Key Features
  • Connects to a personal device using an integrated USB‑C® connector
  • Shares content up to 4K30 resolution within seconds of connecting to a personal device
  • Coming Soon: Provides access to Wireless Conferencing peripherals connected to a paired AM‑3100‑WF-I or AM‑3200‑WF-I AirMedia Series 3 Receiver1
  • Wirelessly pairs with a Wi‑Fi® network capable AirMedia Series 3 Receiver
  • Pair up to eight AirMedia Adaptors with a single Wi‑Fi® network capable AirMedia Series 3 Receiver
  • Includes backlit capacitive touch buttons for convenient content sharing control
  • No software or driver installation required


Spec Sheet: AM-TX3-100-I

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