• IronYun

Turn any IP camera into an AI Powerhouse

The Vaidio® AI Vision Platform delivers solutions for security, access control, safety, and search along with a full suite of Social Health Analytics.

  • Perimeter Security and Intrusion Detection
  • Facial Recognition and LPR for Access Control
  • Video Search and Forensic Investigation
  • Face Mask, Occupancy, and Temperature Screening

Your all-in-one solution for access control, forensic investigation, and perimeter detection, powered by the Vaidio AI Vision Platform. 

World-Class Accuracy, Performance and Insight

Vaidio AI Vision Platform finds objects and patterns at superhuman speed. Working with almost any IP video camera and 3rd party VMS, Vaidio supports more video analytics than any competitive alternative. 

From automating social health screenings and people counting to facial recognition and license plate recognition, Vaidio delivers the broadest array of AI analytics on a single platform.

  • People/Objects

    • Behavior
    • Counting
    • Direction
    • Faces Intrusion
  • Vehicles

    • Counting
    • Direction 
    • LPR 
    • Make/Model 
    • Parking
  • Applications

    • Construction
    • Hospital 
    • Retail
    • Smoke and Fire
    • Weapon
  • Social Health

    • Face Mask Recognition
    • Social  Distancing Monitoring
    • Occupancy Counting
    • Temperature Screening

Vaidio® In the Cloud

Advanced cloud-based AI-enabled video analytics.

Vaidio in the Cloud eliminates the need to deploy physical appliances or servers locally or on-prem. You can connect just about any ONVIF-compliant IP camera to the Vaidio cloud. Vaidio in the Cloud actively manages analytics and network bandwidth to provide fast, accurate performance while minimizing network load.

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