• UNV - V-Network System

Based on advanced technologies, Uniview Smart Intrusion Prevention solutions provide highly visual system that includes detecting, alarming and recording. It’s a perfect solution to improve perimeter protection and achieve efficient management.

For small-to-medium business customers, to manage up the business, it is important to improve security and ensure safe operation – especially intruder defending and property protection.

Here are the solutions benefits:

  • Reduce false alarm

    False alarm rate < 3 %

  • Target classification - Detection classification

    Our algorithm can recognize the detection targets, and classify the targets.

  • Efficient retrieval - Reduce searching time

    While checking the playback, through the retrieval by channel, time and target type, users can locate the information quickly and accurately.

UNV Smart Intrusion Prevention Solutions can help you to avoid annoying false alarm. Check this out!

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