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Crestron Flex Phones for Microsoft Teams®

Crestron Flex Phones for Microsoft Teams®



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Dedicated desktop collaboration devices ideal for private offices, hotdesking, hoteling and phonebooths.

  • Be heard by a microphone with 360-degree pickup
  • See content clearly on 10" high resolution touch screen
  • One-touch to join, manage, or launch a meeting
  • Manage your calendar, contacts, and events
  • Choose from audio-only or video

Built to keep everyone securely connected and highly productive, in the office or at home, using Microsoft Teams® software.

Give your meetings a real advantage

One consistent collaboration experience

Crestron Flex Phones for Microsoft Teams® Displays are the perfect solution for the new hybrid work model, including shared and transient workspaces. From home offices, private offices, and phone booths to hot desking and hoteling.


The simplicity of one management system

Deploy, monitor, and manage thousands of Crestron Flex Phones locally and globally, from a single dashboard, in minutes with Crestron XiO Cloud® platform.

Streamlined installation

  • Pre-wired systems make setup simple
  • Sign or plug-in and be instantly connected

Deploy and manage, at scale

  • Provision thousands of devices in the same time it takes to configure one
  • Remotely monitor and manage all of your workplace technology
  • Improve device uptime: resolve events remotely and efficiently
  • Improve space and investment strategy with usage data and analytics
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