An exceptional guest experience

Increase loyalty and reducing operating costs

Today's luxury and full-service hotels must deliver engaging, personalised services to retain guest loyalty. Room Control System for Hotels ensure discerning guests enjoy connectivity and conveniences while driving efficiency with digitally integrated systems insight and management.

  • Guest Room

    With the right lighting and temperature conditions, you can provide your guests with even more comfort. They will appreciate the ability to control the lighting and the blinds easily using lighting scenario controllers, so that they can cope better with jet lag. And with Legrand thermostats they can program automatic air conditioning at night to improve their quality of sleep.

  • Lobby Business Center

    The SCS hotel supervision software allows the monitoring and control of rooms and common areas equipped with an MH201 module. It also ensures the programming of access badges, the management of messages and any alarms, as well as the launching of scenarios and the management of temperature, lighting, ventilation and roller shutters in each room.

  • Corridors & Stairs

    Enhancing entrances, reception or exhibition areas with original lighting and designer solutions, guiding people intuitively by the light, etc., the illuminated DLP range provides numerous benefits for public areas: hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.

  • Meeting Room

    Users have a choice of high and low current desk or floor-mounted (raised access or concrete floors) connections for immediate use.

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