Easy & flexible hospitality IPTV solution for a personalised guest journey

Make your guests feel special when entering a room. Whether your hotel is casual, formal, boutique or business – the TV’s can be tailored to reflect your brand.

  • Welcome Screen

    Impress at the very beginning of guests' journey with a personalized welcome screen wishing your guests a pleasant stay.

  • Guest Messages

    Open a channel of easy communication and meaningful efficient interactions between your guests & staff through two-way messages for a perfect service experience.

  • Integrated with PMS

    Guest registration & stay information, view bill, wake up, messages.

  • In-Room Dining

    Allow your guests to view food and drinks from custom-designed interactive menus & include mouth-watering images for the most complete presentation.

  • Multi-lingual

    Multi-lingual IPTV portal management. Ask us about the languages available.

  • Secured Screen & Media Casting 

    Your guest experience will be significantly improved when combining our IPTV solution with screen casting, enabling your guests to stream their own content.

  • Cable/Satellite TV Programs with EPG

    Your guests have access to a catalogue of the latest blockbusters and library of classic favourites.

  • Marketing Module

    Create and manage personalized marketing campaigns channels.

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