Arcules Helps You Simplify Your Security

Arcules is an Open Device Platform that enable you to unifyover 6,000 devicesfrom100+ popular manufacturers.

  • Keep your cameras

    Security starts with the right devices for your needs, today and in the future. Choose the IP cameras, sensors, and access panels you need or already have.

  • Find evidence faster

    Built into the Arcules cloud-managed VMS, Forensic Video Search leverages machine learning technology to allow users to search vast amounts of recorded video based on granular filter criteria such as people or vehicles across time.

  • Monitor device status

    Our Forensic Video Search feature is an AI-based tool to sift through recorded video based on a camera view, date/time, and objects of interest such as people or vehicles. Searches can be refined by object color or with a custom-drawn area of interest within the camera field of view to get relevant video data fast.

Arcules offers pure cloud, edge cloud, or a mix of both to suit your needs on a site-by-site basis.

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