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19" HD Cable Management

19" HD Cable Management



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These high-density cable managers can be used for both vertical as well as horizontal cable guidance in the cabinet. Thanks to the featured cable management fingers, their use as strictly front-sided cable guidance is achieved fast and easily.


5 Years + extended warranty


  • Closed cable management with front cover
  • R&M Logo: Red/white printing for black version
  • R&M Logo: Red/black printing for gray version
  • Optimized design for high density patching
  • High quality ABS rounded cable management fingers
  • Interlocked metal plate and plastic fingers ensuring smooth and edge free surfaces
  • Fixing of plastic cable management fingers on outside ensuring ultimate stability
  • Textured hinges provide grip to facilitate opening and closing of front cover
  • Top and bottom hinges at different width position for stability
  • Black version : 19” plate full, ideal for DC (controlled air flow)
  • Gray version : 19” plate with patch through openings, ideal for office cabling
  • Compatible with existing R&Mfreenet products

Scope of supply

  • 19” cable management with front cover
  • 19” mounting set


Data sheet


Gross Weight 1U 2U Recessed
Black version 970.00 G 1,390.00 G TBA
Gray version 880.00 G 1,200.00 G TBA


Technical Data 1U 2U
Dimensions (HxWxD) 43.2 x 482.6 x 110 mm 87.7 x 482.6 x 110 mm


Mechanical Characteristics


Front cover Sheet aluminum
Back plate Sheet steel
Fingers & hinges Plastic ABS
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