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High-Density Outdoor Access Point with Omni-directional antennas

High-Performance Enterprise Wi-Fi 6

Designed to leverage the performance improvements delivered with 802.11ac wave 2, 802.11ax borrows key technology from cellular to increase device capacity and improve spectral efficiency, extracting more out of available Wi-Fi spectrum.


Optimizes RF for the Optimal User Experience

ExtremeAI and SmartRF uses AI/ML technology to monitor and automatically adjust Wi-Fi radios to achieve the best coverage and greatest client performance, even in dynamic RF environments.


802.11ax Technology

Whereas prior generations of 802.11n, 802.11ac wave 1 and 2, can be considered generational improvements, each building on the prior standard, the new PHY technology of 802.11ax adds a significant level of new technology which takes Wi-Fi networks to an entirely new level.


More features

  • Delivers exceptional end-user experience even in dense user environments such as stadiums, large public venues, convention centers and school auditoriums
  • Connects More Users and Devices Simultaneously
  • Latest in Secure Wi-Fi
  • Industry's first 802.11ax access point with three software programmable modes to optimally manage for dual 5 GHz radios for the most dense environments
  • Adaptive Smart OmniEdge Management
  • Redundant PoE


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