Cloud Edge Secure Access

Cloud Edge Secure Access


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SonicWall Cloud Edge Secure Access enables a simple Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) for site-to-site and hybrid cloud connectivity to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and more. It combines Zero-Trust, Least-Privilege security and software-defined micro-segmentation to permit users and devices to access only what’s necessary and nothing more, similar to the concept of a “need to know basis.”

Now, organizations can offer remote-work flexibility, preserve operational flexibility and at the same time, protect high-value assets from costly security breaches.


  • Zero-Trust with software-defined micro-segmentation policies effectively prevent breach from spreading.
  • Supports Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication using LDAP, Okta, Google, and Azure Identity Provider services.
  • Network Traffic Control (NTC) is a stateful firewall- as-a-service (FwaaS) that provides policy-based protection by defining who can access what resource and from where.
  • Device Posture Check (DPC) grants network access only to authenticated and compliant devices.
  • Client apps are available for macOS, Win10, Android and iOS operating systems.
  • Supports client-less Remote Desktop access using RDP, VNC, SSH and HTTP/ HTTPS for web access with any public devices.
  • Provides better user experience with the fast and modern WireGuard secure tunnels.
  • Always-on VPN emulates in-office experience and maintains strong security posture in public hotspots.
  • Supports an easy drag-drop policy configuration interface to save time, and a dashboard to simplify compliance audits.
  • Network monitoring provides a comprehensive overview of traffic pattern, and security postures of users, groups and servers.


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