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E Series DOME IP Camera

E Series DOME IP Camera


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The Newbridge E Series DOME IP Camera is a most affordable 5 Megapixel Camera special design for High Sensitivity and High Dynamic Range environment.

It’s perfectly for virtualization tasks in microscopy, medical engineering, and quality assurance, offers an amazing image quality even in low-­‐light conditions.

Full HD specifically design for indoor and outdoor, day and night color recording with smart functionality, such as motion detection, *Starvis back-­‐ illuminated, up to 30 frame /s at 1296P higher than Full HD recording and    give real live times viewing.

Powered by *Exmor, Sony’s high performance CMOS image sensor with high-­‐speed processing, low noise and low power dissipation by using column parallel A/D conversion. Increase sensitivity in the near infrared range as well as the visible light range. This makes it possible to obtain clear images that enable to sufficiently discriminate subjects even under moonlit conditions.

* Exmor and Starvis are a trademark of Sony Corporation



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