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LSW3600-SE Self-Secure Switch

LSW3600-SE Self-Secure Switch


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With the rapid development of network informatization, information systems have become an indispensable infrastructure in people's daily lives. However, in the traditional network construction concept, the impact of abnormal intranet terminals and abnormal behavior on network efficiency is often neglected. Once an intranet security incident cannot be located and handled accurately, it is extremely difficult to retrospect afterwards. In response to the current situation of intranet security, DPtech has created the next-generation security switch by giving the network edge intelligent computing capabilities, so that the network equipment itself has immunity to virus propagation, network attacks, and hacker penetration. It also provides the functions of automatic policy deployment and loop self-check and self-healing, and provides network administrators with a visualization of the entire network security and simple desktop management methods for operation and maintenance.



Function Descriptions of DPtech Self-Secure Controller

Product Model iNAC-Blade-A/AI/17A
Highly reliable design Support key hardware redundancy of master control, power supplies and fans
Virtualization features Support VSM virtualization and cloud boards
Access authentication Support Portal, IP, MAC, PPPOE, WeChat, SMS and other authentication modes
Support transparent authentication and authentication roaming
Access management Support permission management based on IP, user and user group
Traffic control Support whitelisting for lateral traffic and blacklisting for vertical traffic
Support granular traffic control and traffic model analysis and learning
Auditing of abnormal traffic Support alert and blocks based on unified auditing of traffic model and behavior models
User traceability Network-wide identity follow-up; support detection of access terminal, precise positioning of user location, and network-wide traceability of user behaviors
Automatic deployment Support Openflow1.3 protocol and network-wide automatic deployment


Function Descriptions of DPtech Self-Secure Switch

Product Model LSW3600-
Service interface 24 Gigabit RJ45 +4 Gigabit SFP 48 Gigabit RJ45 +4 Gigabit SFP 24 Gigabit RJ45 +4 Gigabit SFP 48 Gigabit RJ45 +4 Gigabit SFP 24 Gigabit RJ45 +4 10-Gigabit SFP+ 48 Gigabit RJ45 +4 10-Gigabit SFP+
Switching capacity 598Gbps
Packet forwarding rate 216Mpps 252Mpps 216Mpps 252Mpps 222Mpps 252Mpps
IP routing Support static routing, RIPv1/v2, OSPF
User awareness Support precise identification of the type of access terminals and access locations
Device protection Support automatic discovery and protection of IP cameras, entrance control, printers, and all-in-one devices in the network
Protection against
intranet attacks
Support locating and blocking of IP spoofing, ARP spoofing, ARP flooding and other common network threats;
Support identifying and blocking of intranet virus and Trojan horse spreading;
Support locating, alerting and blocking of the source host of intranet attacks;
Fan Fanless 2 pieces Fanless 1 pieces
PoE external power - - AC input 370W
DC input 740W
AC input 370W
DC input 740W
- -
Power 22W 34W 20W 30W 20.6W 39W
Operating Temperature 0°C~70°C
6KV interface lightning protection
6KV interface lightning protection
Management and Maintenance Support real-time temperature detection and alarm;
Support SNMP, CLI, Web network management and unified management through Self-Secure management platform;
Support local and remote output of system logs, operation logs, debugging information;


These specifications apply only to DPtech products available on the international market. 

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