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LSW6600 10G/40G Fixed Port Switch

LSW6600 10G/40G Fixed Port Switch


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DPtech LSW6600 Series Switches are the next generation high-density 10G Ethernet switches presented by DPtech. Based on the industry’s leading 40G/100G hardware architecture and DPtech’s ConPlat operating system, the Series is equipped with virtualization technology and rich data center features. It provides up to 48 wire-speed 10G interfaces on 1U equipment. It also has 40G uplink interfaces to meet the requirements of high-density 10G access and 40G/100G uplink in TOR deployment of the next generation data centers. In addition to 10G access switches for cloud data centers, the LSW6600 can also serve as a core for small- or medium-sized secure networks or a aggregation equipment for large-scale secure networks.




Product Name LSW6600-48XGS6QXP LSW6600-8GT24XGS
Service interface 48 10-Gigabit optical interfaces (SFP+) + +6 40-Gigabit optical interfaces (QSFP+) 8 Gigabit electrical interfaces (RJ45) + +24 10-Gigabit optical interfaces (SFP+)
Management interfaces Console port
Switching capacity 2.56Tbps/40.96Tbps 2.56Tbps/36Tbps
Forwarding performance 1200Mpps/1740Mpps 372Mpps
Delay <6us
Size of MAC address table 128K
Maximum length of long frame 13K 12K
Dimension (width * depth * height) (in mm) 440×690×44 440×420×44
Power supply Modular power supply redundancy Solidified power supply redundancy
Power Consumption 250W 130W
Operating environment 0℃~45℃
Interface management Support Port trunk, basic port functions, LACP, etc.
Spanning tree Support STP, RSTP, MSTP
DHCP Support DHCP Client, DHCP Relay, DHCP Snooping

IP routing
IPv4: Static routing, RIP v1/2, OSPF, BGP, policy-go-together, etc. IPv6: IPv6 static routing, RIPng, OSPFv3, BGP4+, transition tunnel technology from IPv4 to IPv6, etc.
Virtualization features Support VSM virtualization

Multicast features
Support GMRP Support IGMP Snooping, IGMP Proxy; Support PIM-SM, PIM-SSM, PIM-DM
Data Center Features Support 802.1Qbg, TRILL, VXLAN, etc.
QoS features Support traffic classification based on 802.1p/DSCP/TOS Support speed limit on ports and streams Support SP, WRR, SP + WRR queue scheduling
Security features Support local and centralized authentication based on MAC address Support local and centralized authentication based on 802.1x Support local and centralized authentication based on Portal Support dynamic ARP detection, one-click ARP binding, authorized ARP, ARP source suppression, ARP source address inspection; Support port isolation, Static Port Access Control
Support broadcast storm suppression
Support SSH2.0
High reliability Compatible with fast ring network recovery protocol (FRRP) and fast link recovery protocol (FLRP) Support VRRP
Management and Maintenance Support MON Support IEEE 1588v2 PTP Support real-time temperature detection and alarm Support SNMP, CLI, Web management, and Unified Management Center (UMC) Support local and remote output of system logs, operation logs, debugging information

*These specifications apply only to DPtech products available on the international market.


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