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N5150 Active Network Control Panel

N5150 Active Network Control Panel



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Active Network Control Panel
Hybrid Compact Board (HCB) that is designed to enhance highly customized and rapid ‘real time’ changes to the underlyinng network operation. Effectively in code-sending, minus unnecessary buffer time with its disturbed architecture capable of processing access demand at the edge level without leveraging at the server end.


High Performance

High reliability, efficiency and integrated intelligent multi-application control panel targeted for physical access control industry. Built in Freescale ColdFire microcontroller that able to fulfill most demanding requirement in physical access control environment


Active Transmit
Rather than keeping the event data in the memory awaiting for host-PC to poll, controller will actively transmits the current event data to host server as it happens, meaning events get delivered and can be act upon faster

AES (Advance Encryption Standard)

By enable AES, the communication between the controller and card access system will be in protection that can avoid hacker to tap into the system to perform any sabotaj action

Built in Web Server
Built in web server as to setup network configuration, server IP address and upgrade controller firmware via on-board web server

Door interlocking
One of the most secure methods of access control as two doors connected with electronic locks where one side door cannot be opened until the other has properly closed

Access level

Able to support unique sets of access level in order to proper assign out individually based on access rules and condition with in the area

Dynamic Operation Profile
Multiple default profile setting in order to allow implementation to switch between doors, turnstile or car park in order to save time and minimise the setting errors

  • Support Single Door / 2-In Doors mode 
  • Support Car Park Mode 
  • Support Dynamic Reader Location 
  • Compitable with various reader technologies 
  • Active Transmit & Active Download 
  • Peer To Peer Global Anti-Passback 
  • Configurable 4 digital / Supervised inputs 
  • 2 Dry contact Relay 
  • Quick Terminal Plug-in Connectors 
  • Firmware Upgrade via web and server 
  • Reader wiegand output control 
  • Onboard & Cross board Door Interlocking 
  • Access Levels 
  • Support 5,000 Card Holders and 10,000 Events Memory


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