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Unified Audit Gateway

Unified Audit Gateway



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A large amount of application traffic transmitted on the network will lead to congestion at the network egress, and potential hazards such as failure to monitor the working status, leakage of sensitive information, even legal violations. The UAG3000, or Unified Audit Gateway (UAG), an independently developed product from DPtech is designed to provides users with professional application control, bandwidth management, Internet behavior auditing, keyword filtering, and user behavior analysis. It helps users make rational utilization of network bandwidth, ensure data security, improve working efficiency, and avoid legal risks, enabling a visible, controllable and optimizable network for users.


Product Functions Function Descriptions
Networking modes Transparent mode, bridge mode, bypass mode, gateway mode
Network Features It supports routing protocols such as IPv4/v6, RIP, OSPF, ISIS, BGP, static routing and policy-go-together.
Service identification Supporting more than 5,200 mainstream network layer and application layer protocols, it enables precise Internet behavior management and traffic control.
Custom applications It supports custom web applications based on deep detection (with application features).
Application control It allows to limit the access speed of or block access to P2P, IPTV, games, instant messaging and other applications.
Multi-dimensional authorization Internet access can be granted based on user/user group, IP/IP group, time periods, and application protocols.
URL filtering Equipped with a URL address library consisting of ten million entries, it supports URL classification filtering, URL advanced filtering and URL redirection.
Keyword filtering Keyword filtering is realized on emails, forums, web page searches, web browsing and HTTP POST.
Behavior Auditing It can perform content auditing on Web applications, Web searches, emails, forums, instant messaging, and FTP.
Access authentication A series of authentication methods can be enabled based on IP/MAC binding, Portal, SMS, WeChat and so on .Integrating with authentication methods of local, Radius, LDAP, PPPoe, and domain monitoring, and mainstream systems like Shenlan Software and Dr.COM, it gathers information on user/IP correspondence.
Bandwidth management Bandwidth limits and guarantees
NAT Support source NAT, destination NAT, one-to-one NAT, NAT address pool and other NAT functions.
Network quality analysis Monitor network delay, status code, retransmission rate and other parameters, providing an overall understanding of user, application and Web access
Link Load Balancing Available scheduling algorithms include polling, minimum bandwidth utilization, source-destination address hashing, minimum connection, etc.
Antivirus protection Three levels of Antivirus protection are enabled, through which users can configure different levels of Antivirus protection based on the popularity of viruses.
High Reliability Silent dual system, dual-system hot standby, VRRP multi-master and other modes are supported.Power fail safeguard is enabled for embedded electrical interfaces.
Different permissionsbased on division andclassification Users are assigned with different management permissions based on customized division and classification, thereby classifying user groups and application protocols per permissions.


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