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Unified Management Center (UMC)

Unified Management Center (UMC)


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The continuous network construction witnesses a growing number and a wider distribution area of network devices and security devices, leaving network management operation and maintenance personnel overwhelmed by the enormous number. Years of experience in network security and applications gave rise to DPtech UMC, or Unified Management Center, an industry-leading platform with converged information management. Through intuitive and real time presentation of network application status, DPtech UMC provides converged intelligent management on software and hardware products based on application services. Its features include network topology, performance chart display, hierarchical fault alarm, unified distribution of policy configuration, and system and domain division, dramatically cutting down network operation and maintenance costs and improving network management efficiency.





Product Functions Function Descriptions
Unified management Centralized configuration management, log collection and deep service analysis can be performed on the full range of products from DPtech. Integration with mainstream network and security vendor information is supported.It can serve as a management platform for the entire network to realize highly efficient aggregation of network, security, services and other resources.
Role based management It is provided with role-based permissions for operations and log viewing, which can be assigned to various roles by administrators.
Hierarchical management UMC hierarchical management is allowed. In other words, to meet users’ hierarchical management needs, UMCs can be set as separated UMCs subject to independent management, or superior-subordinate UMCs.
Intuitive display of services Services can be shown in trend chart, pie chart, line chart and list for easy data analysis.
Topology management By automatically discovering devices in the management range, it can add them into the management platform and display them in a topology diagram.
Log disk management Help users get to know the usage of the log host disk, and the retention days for saving logs can also be set.
Reliable redundancy Data synchronization between master and standby UMCs is enabled. The time of synchronization can also be specified to improve data storage capacity.
Alarm configuration Alarm configuration sets up system alarms in accordance with different alarm methods. Methods allowed include emails, SMS, voice, and others. Alarms can be recorded to facilitate inquiry.
Event management Abnormal events between the system and the device can be recorded to help system administrators understand the operation of system and device.
Report management The system can export reports as per required frequency and format, and send the reports to specified recipients. Users can also choose to manually export reports.
Operation logs It keeps records of operation logs of each module and function component, helping system administrator understand the operation of system and device.


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