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VSP 7400

VSP 7400




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High-Performance 100Gb and 25Gb Fabric-enabled Core/Aggregation Switches

Flexible Deployment Options

The ExtremeSwitching VSP 7400 is designed to handle a range of high bandwidth applications, including high-density 10Gb, emerging 25Gb, as well as 40Gb and 100Gb core/aggregation or spine/leaf fabric deployments.


Integrated Application Hosting

This flexible and open solution enables organizations to run onboard applications directly on the VSP 7400 without impacting performance. This can be used to host onboard troubleshooting/ analytics tools or third-party network applications without the need for separate hardware.


Extreme Fabric Connect

Fabric Connect offers the ability to create a simplified virtualized network that can automate network provisioning and reduce the strain on network and IT personnel.



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