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WireXpert 500 kit, 500MHz Copper test only

WireXpert 500 kit, 500MHz Copper test only



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The most affordable tester for copper LAN cabling certification

Certify up to 10 Gbit/sec cabling in a few seconds

Fully upgradable to WireXpert 500-PLUS for CAT 6A copper and fiber tier 1 certification and WireXpert 4500 with Category 8 Performance and fiber tier 1 certification.

WireXpert 500 is an affordable and upgradable cable certification tester that can grow with your cable certification needs. Invest today only in options that are really needed and upgrade the device later when necessary. The individual options can be upgraded with a license. For example: If today you install copper and in the future require additional fiber cabling installations, you could then upgrade your WireXpert 500 copper certifier to a WireXpert 500-PLUS, a copper and fiber certifier. If you need in the future certification up to CAT 8, all models can be upgraded to that frequency range as well.


  • Advanced cable certification up to 500 MHz
  • Certifying according to standards Class D/E/EA & CAT 5e/6/6A
  • Superfast Autotest time
  • Meets TIA and ISO Level IIIe accuracy requirements
  • Certification testing of Patch-cords
  • Industrial Ethernet testing with M12 connectivity
  • Advanced reporting and documentation
  • Most affordable certifier for premise cabling and Industrial Ethernet


  • Easy to use and Ruggedized design

    WireXpert 500 comes with an intuitive touch sensitive user interface, featuring bright color LCD screens designed for industrial, heavy duty usage. The Dual Control System (DCS TM) – featuring identical devices for remote and main unit – makes it fast and simple to operate the test cycles. Whether used by two technicians or one person working alone, walking time between outlets is minimized.

  • Fast and simple for highest productivity

    WireXpert 500 completes CAT 6A certification test in seconds. It offers intuitive navigation through the on screen menus, and generates professional reports through the accompanying eXport PC software.

  • Proven Accuracy

    WireXpert 500 is based on measurement system independently verified by highly respected test laboratories including ETL.

  • Copper patch cord testing with WireXpert

    WireXpert 500 offers an efficient way for quickly identifying and recording the performance of patch cords. With its fast and accurate dual-ended testing, WireXpert 500 patch cord test kits are suitable for both manufacturing test applications, as well as for incoming inventory inspection at end user premises.

    WireXpert 500 patch cord test kits are available for testing CAT 5e, CAT 6, and CAT 6A patch cords.

  • Industrial Ethernet cabling test

    The WireXpert 500 industrial Ethernet cable test solution comprise of M12 adapter kits. With both channel and permanent link configurations and E2E using M12 industrial Ethernet connectors are supported. Industrial Ethernet kits supporting X-Coded M12 interface are also available, making it possible to effectively test 10-Gig ready Industrial Ethernet cables.

  • Coax cable test

    WireXpert 500 also supports testing of coaxial cables for attenuation, length, resistance, delay and return loss with the optional coax test adapters.

  • Professional Data Management with eXport Software

    WireXpert 500 includes eXport computer-based reporting software. eXport facilitates data management and generation of professional reports and warranty documents. In addition, eXport Software enables list-based testing, a hierarchical cable labeling scheme. With eXport it is also possible to correct measurements which were initially performed with incorrect measurement standards. With re-certification, the operator can apply the right measurement standards to the data retroactively. Data integrity remains because the date of the measurements does not change.





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