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IP67-Rated 4x4:4 Access Point with Cloud and On-Premises Management, Full Wi-Fi Functionality Over 802.3at, and Omni-directional antennas



Wi-Fi 6E leverages 802.11ax/Wi-Fi 6 capabilities such as high-density, high-capacity, and high-efficiency performance, and extends these capabilities to the 6 GHz band. The vast expansion of frequency enables new use cases and offers improved user experiences, particularly in mission-critical and dense environments.



AP5050U is a universal hardware platform, which simplifies your deployment experience through powerful cloud management and simplified licensing. The AP5050 can run multiple Extreme operating systems, providing flexibility and choice while minimizing total cost of ownership.


As the Official Wi-Fi Solutions Provider of multiple major sports leagues, Extreme understands firsthand the unique challenges of stadiums and harsh outdoor high-density Wi-Fi deployments. The IP67-rated AP5050U builds on that experience, by delivering a custom-designed family of access points that cater specifically to these types of challenging environments.


More Features:

  • Multi-band filter enables superior radio performance across 5 GHz and 6 GHz spectrum
  • Latest in Secure Wi-Fi with Extreme AirDefense, and support for WPA3 and Wi-Fi Enhanced Open
  • Gateway designed to protect high risk, wired IoT devices using ExtremeIoT Essentials.
  • Optimal user experiences powered by AI/ML with SmartRF and ExtremeCloudIQ CoPilot
  • Integrated multi-purpose IoT radio for a variety of IoT applications
  • Fully functional Wi-Fi over 802.3at


An industry first for Extreme: Wi-Fi 6E Outdoors
with the new AP5050

Director of Wireless David Coleman said it best, “Wi-Fi 6E and the availability of 6 GHz spectrum is truly a gamechanger.” Now, Extreme is the first in the networking industry to offer Wi-Fi 6E access points for outdoor spaces. Here are Senior Product Director Jeevan Patil and David Coleman to spell out the power of this new solution, and what it means for the networking industry.


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